Solar Panel System Maintenance Tips You Should Know

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Solar Panel System Maintenance Tips You Should Know

One of the reliable alternative sources of power you can rely on today is a solar system. Other than protecting the environment and reducing or eliminating your energy bills, solar panels will increase the value of your home. But like other systems, maintenance is required to ensure the system functions effectively for longer. Regular check-ups will also save you on expensive repairs by preventing issues that could occur shortly. The good news is that solar panels require little care over the years since they don't degrade significantly. Below are some care tips you should consider.

Clean up the panels

Now that you are relying on the solar system to generate power, it's crucial to ensure the panels absorb as much solar energy as they are capable of. A dirty film will not absorb as much light as possible, and that's the reason cloudy or dirty panel films must be cleaned right away. Although the tilt installation experts offer on the panels makes it easier for the rain to clear the dust, you might need to clean the panels yourself if it hasn't rained. A simple rinse with your garden hose will do the trick, but if there are tough stains, consider using a dry cloth to clear off the residue. Another option is to mount sprinkler cleaning systems so they can remove the dirt occasionally, particularly if it rarely rains in your area.

Get the panels inspected

Have you been experiencing severe weather events in your area lately? While solar panels are specially designed to resist most forms of damages, some weather conditions can cause damage. For instance, the glass can get scratched or broken, making it impossible for you to get the power you require. So, be sure to monitor the performance of your system after a storm. If there is a significant drop in the energy output, ask an expert to check the panels. Your installer may also provide the assistance you require, especially if the panels need to be repaired or replaced.

Ensure the panels get direct sunlight

As aforementioned, solar panels need to get as much light as possible from the sun to maximise energy production. Although your installation expert will ensure they get maximum exposure during installation, it is your responsibility to ensure everything remains the same. Overgrown tree branches must be trimmed right away to ensure the sun's path isn't blocked. If a new building is erected and it's blocking the sunlight for many hours, you might be forced to re-position the panels.

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