5 Tips to Improve Air Quality in Your Office

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5 Tips to Improve Air Quality in Your Office

Many businesses underestimate the importance of air quality to the office environment. From reducing employee allergy symptoms to boosting morale, good air quality can boost productivity in many ways. Here are five tips for improving air quality in your office.

1. Steam-Clean Carpets

Carpets trap a lot of dirt that regular vacuuming cannot remove. Steam cleaning removes pollen, mould spores and other types of dirt that lower indoor air quality. You should schedule regular deep cleans for your office carpets to keep air quality high.

2. Clean Air Conditioning Filters

Air conditioning filters purify the air by removing sources of poor air quality, such as hair, dust, dirt, pollen and mould spores. Filtering all these items from the air over time leads to filters becoming blocked, which can lead to poor air quality, as well as making your air conditioning system less energy efficient.

Cleaning the air conditioning filters is a relatively simple job. You need to switch off the unit, remove the filters and wash them with soapy water using a soft brush. Leave the filters to dry completely before you replace them in the unit. An HVAC professional can clean or replace filters for you as part of a regular air conditioning service.

3. Invest in Office Plants

Plants have a natural ability to purify the air. They reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air and increase the concentration of oxygen. Plants also soak up other harmful sources of pollution, such as nitrous oxides and carbon monoxide.

4. Purchase an Air Purifier

Plants are not suitable for every environment, as they require ongoing care to keep them alive. You might prefer to use a chemical air purifier instead. This is an electrical device that removes harmful gases and particles from the air, which can help to reduce symptoms of allergies or asthma in some people.

5. Consult Air Quality Services

Sometimes, the only way to make a serious impact on the indoor air quality in your office is to consult an air quality consulting service. Air quality services can carry out an assessment of your office space to find out which types of indoor air pollution are present. They can let you know what you need to do to reduce or eliminate sources of indoor air pollution, as well as outlining a step-by-step plan of actions that you can take to remove pollutants from the air.

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